- Supercharge your customer support -


  • Proactive Support

    Know what technical incidents are causing support tickets in real-time. Proactively reach out to impacted customers.

  • Discover Related Tickets

    Learn from resolutions of previous similar tickets. Don't start from scratch every single time.

  • Automatic Tag Generation

    See tags for granular product features and ticket reasons. With analytics built-in, discover insights like which product features get most 'how-to' tickets.

Discover Support impact of Technical Incidents

We tell you which product failure is the reason behind a ticket. We help you quickly resolve the ticket with this information and delight your customers.

Sentiment Analysis
for Tags and Tickets

Discover features being talked about most negatively and improve documentation and potential bugs.

AI Platform that finds
the root-cause of support tickets​

01Technical Incident

02Feature Bug

03Related Issues from past

Connected to your existing support platforms

Install Iris in minutes without requiring any technical knowledge

Iris for Zendesk Support

Iris for Salesforce Service Cloud

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